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Favorite Kid’s Book

Welcome back everyone and glad you stopped in. I wanted to go over my favorite kid’s book today! There are many books that I remember loving as a child however, there is always that one book that really stands out. The book that stood out to me was believe it or not, theBible!! I’m sure you probably think I’m crazy but the Bible has so many amazing stories.

I remember my mom sitting my sister and I down before bedtime and reading about the parting of the red sea and being so awestruck of that crazy image! My sister’s favorite story in the bible was David and Goliath. We would often reenact the scene with my sister playing David of course and I would stand on top of the couch posing as Goliath. The couch of course was to be a little more Goliath like!

Our imagination and love for books in general stemmed from the miraculous stories from scripture. Even, when I go to church and I hear those stories, I get all excited. The Bible of course is a book to fit all sorts of story lines and I believe God also had stories that would always definitely appeal to kids. I love it when I can now read those same stories to my sisters kids and I get a little teary eyed every time reminiscing of the past. What is your favorite kid’s book growing up? I love to know and please email me at