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Extinction of Books!?

Hey guys, I wanted to bring this to you and inform you that we have to start now in order to save our precious books! I have been noticing that a lot of people nowadays are no longer purchasing books but using those darn tablets and even there phones to get there reading kick. I’m definitely not against technology but when it interferes with peoples sleep patterns and destroys the livelihood of book store owners then yes I get a little ticked!

Are all of our books becoming extinct? I feel like I’m living a real life moment of Fahrenheit 451! This novel portrayed a futuristic american society where books were outlawed and literally burned. The government did not want the society to gain any revelation or knowledge of what all these books contained. I understand, that it definitely is not that bad but I wouldn’t be surprised if our government was certainly getting the idea to replicate this.

I mean books are such an important part of our culture and to have technology replacing that is truly sad. I have recently been getting a petition to be signed and I am preparing a letter to my congressman. In this letter, I shall be explaining my concerns about the technology takeover of literature. I have seen a huge backing form all of my local neighbors and community, who feel the same way! It was also great to know that some local companies are already placing the movement in motion. For example, I talked to an owner of a tree company that actually donates dead trees to recycling centers, who then donate the material to make more books!

So, Its nice to know that I’m not the only one who feels this way and I’m definitely going to approach this in a way where we can have compromise from the book lovers and the tech lovers. I just don’t want to see libraries closing down and books to be completely abolished just because we can download literature to a mobile device. I will definitely be keeping everyone informed and will be more than happy if any one reading this blog would be able to help in the fight of protecting our literature! Please email me at help@bookspublications.